Preserve the History that Matters to You!

Damaged PhotoEvery day that passes, another story is born. Precious memories shared at gatherings of family and friends. These are the sparks of life behind the photos in your albums. Stories are the rich legacy of life. Future generations will cherish your stories – but only if they are preserved!

Reel Histories™ is dedicated to helping you preserve the stories that matter to you. We offer tips and techniques that enable you to begin documenting your stories for generations to come.

You probably have access to the basic tools required to capture your family’s stories. A simple video camera (the camera one on your smartphone or tablet will work in a pinch) and a computer are all you need to do most of the projects discussed on this website.

When you are ready to upgrade your work to the professional level (or turn your hobby into a career) – we’ll show you how to do that too!

Make sure to read through the project section to get inspired. Then, check out the basic skills area to learn what you need to know to produce videos people will cherish for generations.