Reel Histories™ Projects

You’ve got the video production skills, now it’s time to think about some projects you can do that will put them to good use. These projects are designed to get your creative juices flowing. We encourage you to experiment and customize them into the perfect project for you!


360 Degree Storytelling – If your family is like mine, everytime you get together you tell stories. No matter who starts the story, before long, everyone is adding bits and pieces of what they remember until you have a group-telling of the story. [Read Article]

Cooking Videos: A Memorable Recipe – Who can forget grandma’s cookies, or mom’s sweet-bread twists? We share meals with loved ones our whole lives and this video project preserves both the treasured recipes and the sights and sounds of the person who made it. [Read Article]

Video Time Capsules – You gather together things that will let future generations know who you are, how you lived, and what was important to you. It’s a message to the future. [Read Article]

Veterans History Project – Are you a veteran? Do you know any veterans? You can put your skills as a Reel Histories™ video biographer to use honoring the contributions of U.S. military veterans. Your work could be entered into the holdings of the Library of Congress! [Read Article]